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6 apb effects of the drug on human
A substance that has the name of the 6 apb, is an analog of a narcotic substance MDMA, which is the basis for the manufacture of tablets, known as Ecstasy. The drug belongs to the category of phenethylamines and is used to create a variety of smoking mixes that have gained wide popularity in recent years due to its availability, as well as the absence of a ban on their sale and use by law enforcement agencies.

In type 6 apb is a strong stimulant. It combines the properties of amphetamine and phenethylamine, which is a natural hormone produced in the human body. Phenethylamine is known to be responsible for good mood, a sense of satisfaction and joy. 6 apb powder is white and crystalline. Cleanliness of the drug is quite high and exceeds 99.5 percent. Synthetic substance name 1-(2,3-digydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl) propan-2 -amine, and its chemical formula is a compound-C11H15NO.

6 apb effects of the drug on human
After 6 apb drug enters the blood of man, he immediately begins to work on his mental state, causing no way motivated rush of joy and happiness, the attack of euphoria, excessive drive and fun. Characteristically, the first signs of its effects on receptors in the brain occur immediately after application, and not after 15-20 minutes in the case of the conventional types of drugs. Euphoria condition that causes powder 6 apb, gradually increase and reach a peak within 30 minutes. Duration of the effect of the drug lasts for several hours, and may depend on the individual characteristics of a particular organism and its susceptibility to the substance of this kind.

6 apb drug can cause a number of side effects if used incorrectly, the nausea, the complete loss of orientation, so you must carefully follow the dosage. Everything else, if you want to buy powder 6 apb, you should know that it in no way be confused with a variety of antidepressants and other drugs of similar action, as this can cause intoxication of brain cells and lead to very serious consequences, including to coma and death.

Taking powder 6 apb, it should be remembered that it promotes rapid loss of fluids from the body. This has a negative impact in the sweltering night clubs, so you must carefully monitor fluid intake during the dance, and make small break for 5-10 minutes.



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