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African Stools

Antique African Tonga Stool


African Stool Lobi Wood Vintage Stool Burkina Faso


Colorful African Nupe Stool 14" - Nigeria


Large Senufo Wooden Stool table chair hand carved tribal african wood 25" LARGE


African Stool Gogo Tribe Tanzania Carved Wood Prestige Stool


Superb Solid Antique Carved Wood African Chief's Stool With Single Figure


Antique African Carved Wood Stool Tonga Tribe Zambia


African vintage birth stool wooden sculpture. Naked female to give birth


African Tribal Art a Fine Old Lobi Stool or Head Rest Burkino Faso


Antique African Wood Stool Kamba Tribe Kenya


Superb Ashanti Ghana: Tribal used African headrest /stool 16" 3/4 by 7.5"H


African Bamileke Stool 21" - Cameroon


Hemba African Figure / Stool 19" - DRC


Vintage African Maasai Masai Tribal Stool Hand Carved Single Piece of Wood Kenya


Senufo or Lobi African Bronze Stool 9" - Ivory Coast


African Ethiopian Oromo People Tribal Hand Carved Wood Stool Ethiopia, Africa


Benin Bronze African Fish Stool 13" in Length - Nigeria


Colorful African Nupe Stool 12.5" - Nigeria


Senufo or Lobi African Bronze Stool 10" - Ivory Coast


Baule Male Figure on Stool Ivory Coast African Art 23 Inch SALE WAS $590.00


Stool African Senufo Etched Backrest Design Cote d'Ivorie Ancestor Senufo Stool


Tiered Baule Stool 14" - Ivory Coast - African Art


Lobi Three Legged Wooden Stool 8" - Ivory Coast - African Art


Hemba African Stool 20" - DRC


African Igbo Stool Painted Wood Nigeria


Beautifully Carved Senufo Stool 8" - Ivory Coast - African Art


Vintage Antique African Hand Carved 3 Legged Wooden Milking Stool 12"


Incredible Carved African woman figure Wood luba Stool


Antique African Tribal Loma Toma Peoples Carved Wood Headrest Stool, West Africa


Antique African Tribal Turkana Hand Carved Wooden Headrest Stool Kenya, Africa


African Senufo Stool Washstand Wood Carved Cote' d'Ivoire Senufo Washstand


African Bamileke Stool 18" - Cameroon


Antique Kuba African Wood Stool Figure Hand Carved Geometric Design Congo Africa


Hemba Stool Female Caryatid Congo African Art SALE WAS $150.00


Old African Carved Hard Wood Stool Heavy Weight Four Legs Hardwood


African Luba Caryatid Stool with Female Figure From DRC Congo 19" Tall


African Ashanti Stool Ghana Ceremonial Old Hand Carved Ashanti Stool


African Stool Gogo Tribe Tanzania Carved Wood Status Prestige Chair Gogo Stool


African Stool Natural Wood Ashanti Stool Ghana


Antique African Three-footed Wooden Stool


Songye Hand-Carved Wooden African Stool 20" - DRC