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You want to inhibit a high pressure on the soil and surrounding nature at your open air event. You want to save energy. You want to reduce water consumption. See here how to manage.
Find here an overview about how to deal with energy, water and soil management in general.

As most of human activities, events consume energy. At a concert for instance, the energy demand consists of peak demands at the stages when a concert takes place (for sound system and light shows) and a constant demand for the other energy consumers at the event (illumination of the event ground and equipment like refrigerators, cooking pits, washing machines and production of warm water).
Only 0,7% of the total quantity of water on earth can be used for human consumption and this quantity decreases each year. We need to try to reduce water consumption any time we use water.
At open-air events the infrastructure for the collection of wastewater often doesn't exist or is too far away from the existing infrastructure to make a connection. Or the existing infrastructure hasn't got the capacity to contain the wastewater from so many people produced in the short period of the event.
Events taking place in open air, in a field or a park, often put high pressure on the soil and surrounding nature. Soil compaction by heavy transport and mud are possible consequences.


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