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Combined tickets, a shuttle bus connection to the train station, an info centre for sustainable mobility - the tourist season in a natural Park.

Tourist events in the area of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

The motto for Italian tourist events in the alpine area of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park was 'With the driver to the Park'. A large campaign addressed several events in the summers of 2002 and 2003. Among them were the Artisan Fair in Feltre (end June) and the happenings on a few august Sundays in Mis and Canzoi valleys, two environmentally sensible areas in the Park itself. The measures introduced aimed at offering alternatives to unsustainable mobility modes and highlighted the opportunities for environment friendly activities in the Park. The whole campaign was cofunded and sustained by the National Park Dolomiti Bellunesi.

Mobility management measures

Combined ticket
A combined ticket 'Event + Train' was provided, among others, at the 16th, 17th Feltre Artisan Fair (end June 2002/03) and the Paolini Concert (August 2003) in Mis Valley. The cost reduction on the combined ticket varied between 30% and 50%, according the event, thanks to Artisan Fair and Trenitalia.
Improved Public Transport - Shuttle bus connection
A dedicated public transport service was organised for some of the events. Among others, shuttle buses connected the train station and the main surrounding towns with Mis Valley or Feltre Artisan Fair and the Park Visitors' Centre (June 2002). Around 730 visitors used the public transport service for the Paolini Concert in August 2003. The use of the train to the Artisan Fair passed from 1% (2001) to 6% (2003).
Communicate the existing public transport network as dedicated for the event
Selected trains were advertised as special, under the name “To the Fair / To the Park with the chauffeur”. The communication campaign passed through radio spots, newspaper advertising, leaflets and posters.
Bike rental and guarded bicycle storage facilities
A free of charge rental bike service was organised for on site mobility in Mis Valley (August 2002) and a bike guarded storage area was provided during the Paolini concert in Mis Valley (August 2003). During this last event around 120 bikes were used to reach the Mis Valley.
Remote parking with park and ride facilities
The regional road passing through the Mis Valley was closed some hours before and after the M. Paolini Concert (August 2003). A parking space was organised 4 km away from the event site at the sports playground. Around 170 cars parked there. A shuttle bus service was organised.
Marketing campaign
In order to promote specific measures a marketing campaign named 'In Fiera / Al Parco con l'autista' (to the Fair / to the Park with the chauffeur) was started in the towns from where most of the visitors were expected. It was based on radio spots, newspaper advertising, brochures, announcements on the Park Web site. An info office coordinated the activities and managed an info phone-line.
Oekoinstitut Suedtirol / Alto Adige
Marco Viviani: Project partner, coordinator of the Italy pilot project



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