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A large-scale communication campaign consisting of radio spots and posters made a large skating event exceptionally environment friendly. Many used the existing Public Transport offer.

N?rnberg Nite-Skate

The Nite-Skates are a series of single-night events in the summer season. Usually 3-4 NiteSkates take place per season, in 2002 this series is replaced by a large single Nite- Skate during the Inline-Hockey World Championchip, hosted by the City of N?rnberg. Funkhaus N?rnberg took over the local preparation for the demonstration. The Hitradio N1 NiteSkate 2002 took place on Saturday, 27th July 2002.

Mobility management measures

'Bike & Skate'
'Bike & Skate' action with a huge guarded Bicycle-Park right behind the center stage, a raffle for all bike users and an important promotion action for the bicycle, on air.
Public Transport
Improved Information about Public Transport on the Website, discouraging car use (the public transport services are already at a high standard and the event area is well know, so public transport is a good alternative).
HitRadio N1 was promoting all the measures on air starting two weeks before the event, with spots as well as interviews and reports. 1000 Posters were placed all over N?rnberg, introducing the Life and SMASH Logo as a symbol for the demonstration-project. This is repeated on the events web-site, where these logos reappear for all mobility and environmental measures. The Nite-Skate Homepage was modified to include SMASH.

Waste, energy, water, nature and soil measures

'NO Waste!'-campaign
'NO Waste!'-campaign on air, on stage and at the end of the event a joint waste collection action supported by special 'waste-masters'.
Sponsors and caterers agreed not to use flyers and other one-way promotional material, contributing in a significant way to waste reduction.
Waste separation
General deposit system for all kinds of drinks. As a result, very few drinks containers were left on tables and the event ground (most of them were cans brought from home).

VIA Beratende Ingenieure
Kai Lorenz: Project partner, coordinator of the German pilot project

Funkhaus N?rnberg
Henning Schulze: Project partner


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