Can a shareholder request accounts?

The main documents of interest to shareholders will be the company’s annual report and accounts. Each shareholder has the right to receive these when they’re issued generally and on request.

What can shareholders request?

Some specific items that shareholders can ask a company to share include: Lists of shareholders and the company’s stock ledger. Operational documents such as meeting minutes and records of shares being transferred. The financial statements classified as books and records of account.

Do shareholders have to approve company accounts?

Shareholders are not asked to approve the accounts – they are merely provided with a copy – although they can ask questions on matters in the accounts. There may be additional matters that require a vote and the notice calling the meeting should tell you this.

Do shareholders have a right to see financial statements?

Rights and responsibilities of shareholders

vote at the shareholders’ meeting (if their shares have a right to vote) … receive the corporation’s financial statements at least 21 days before each annual meeting. approve major or fundamental changes (such as those affecting a corporation’s structure or business activities) …

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Can a shareholder inspect books of accounts?

Can shareholders inspect books of accounts? The members of the company are not vested with any such right to inspect the books of account anywhere specifically in the Companies Act, 2013. However, the articles of the company can provide for such right of inspection for its shareholders and the timing for it.

Can a shareholder ask for an audit?

If shareholders ask for an audit

Even if your company is usually exempt from an audit, you must get your accounts audited if shareholders who own at least 10% of shares (by number or value) ask you to. … They must make the request in writing and send it to the company’s registered office address.

What rights does a 50% shareholder have?

Rights of shareholders possessing at least 50% of shares

Block ordinary resolutions – shareholders controlling at least 50% of voting rights can effectively block any proposed ordinary resolutions (s. 282).

Can shareholders overrule directors?

10. Can the shareholders overrule the board of directors? … Shareholders can take legal action if they feel the directors are acting improperly. Minority shareholders can take legal action if they feel their rights are being unfairly prejudiced.

What powers do shareholders have over directors?

Shareholders v Directors – who wins?

  • to attend and vote at general meetings of the company;
  • to receive dividends if declared;
  • to circulate a written resolution and any supporting statements;
  • to require a general meeting of the shareholders be held; and.
  • to receive the statutory accounts of the company.
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What books and business records are shareholders entitled to inspect or request for a copy?

The right of a stockholder to inspect the books of the corporation is rooted in Section 74 of the Corporation Code, which states that: “The records of all business transactions of the corporation and the minutes of any meeting shall be open to inspection by any director, trustee, stockholder or member of the …

Can a shareholder See full account?

Companies are required to send a copy of its annual accounts and reports for each financial year to every shareholder of the company. … Shareholders are not however entitled to receive or inspect copies of general a company’s financial records.

Who can access books of accounts?

As provided in sub-section (3) of Section 128, any director can inspect the books of accounts and other books and papers of the company during business hours.

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