How can I check my private limited company shareholding pattern?

How do I find the shareholding pattern of a private limited company?

How to find the shareholding pattern of a company?

  1. Go to BSE India website (
  2. Enter the name of the company whose shareholding pattern you want to find in the search bar.
  3. Scroll down and click on the ‘shareholding pattern’ tab.

Can you look up shareholders of a private company?

If a company is privately held, you may not be able to find out the names of the shareholders without contacting the company and asking. Most private companies, however, will not give away that information.

Where can I find shareholding pattern?

Check from the official website of a stock exchange

Individuals can also access the shareholding pattern document of a company through the concerned stock exchange it is listed with, like BSE or NSE. To do so, they need to visit the exchange’s website and enter the company’s name.

How do I find out how many shareholders a company has?

You can find the total number of shares in the shareholders’ equity section of a company’s balance sheet, which also summarizes the assets and liabilities. The numbers of authorized, issued and outstanding common shares are listed in this section, along with the number of preferred shares.

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How do you read a company’s shareholding pattern?

Shareholding pattern shows how the total number of shares equity outstanding in the company is divided between various owners (individuals and institutions). It shoes how the ownership id split among the entities that make up its owners.

How do I find information on a private company?

Information of the Private Companies can only be accessed from its regulator. The information of the private companies can only be obtained from its regulator. Regulators can provide only the information a company is bound to furnish. At the same time, not all this information can be shared with the applicant.

How do I find financials for a private company?

PrivCo is the source for financial and market intelligence on privately held companies in the U.S. with revenue greater than $1 million. PrivCo’s coverage also includes data on investors and deals in the private equity, venture capital, and M&A markets.

What are examples of shareholders?

The definition of a shareholder is a person who owns shares in a company. Someone who owns stock in Apple is an example of a shareholder. One who owns shares of stock. Shareholders are the real owners of a publicly traded business, but management runs it.

Which company has more shares?

Currently, MRF has the highest share price in India among all the listed companies on BSE/NSE. The all-time high share price of MRF is Rs. 98,599.

What is retail in shareholding pattern?

The Shareholding Pattern page of Future Retail Ltd. presents the Promoter’s holding, FII’s holding, DII’s Holding, and Share holding by general public etc.


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Shareholding Pattern – Future Retail Ltd.
NBanksMutualFunds 189873 0.04%
Others 174344074 32.15%
GeneralPublic 211555659 39.01%

In which form shareholding pattern of the company is required to be given?

The Share Holding Pattern (SHP) is an official disclosure (document) about the ownership of the company. The SHP will be disclosed every quarter to the stock exchanges. Every listed companies in India is required to disclose their shareholding patterns to the stock exchanges.

Do companies know who their shareholders are?

Do companies know who their shareholders are? Yes, they know who the owners of all the shares are. … Companies have “investor relations” departments. … If someone gains more than 10% ownership, then they become legally an “insider” like the CEO or board of directors.

How do I know if I have shares in a company?

The best place to start is to check with the share registrar – the organisation that maintains the list of shareholders in a particular company – that is named on the certificate. There are three main registrars in the UK – Capita, Lloyds TSB and Computershare.

How many shares does a company start with?

Typically a startup company has 10,000,000 authorized shares of Common Stock, but as the company grows, it may increase the total number of shares as it issues shares to investors and employees. The number also changes often, which makes it hard to get an exact count. Shares, stocks, and equity are all the same thing.

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