Is ENB dividend safe?

Is Enbridge dividend at risk?

And with a distributable cash flow payout ratio target of between 60% and 70%, a range within which it comfortably remains today, it has ample financial leeway before the dividend is at risk.

Is Enbridge a good dividend stock?

Enbridge Inc (TSX: ENB.TO) has been named as a Top 25 dividend stock, according the most recent Canada Stock Channel ”DividendRank” report. … The report also cited the strong quarterly dividend history at Enbridge Inc, and favorable long-term multi-year growth rates in key fundamental data points.

How safe is Enbridge?

Every day, the company delivers more than 3 million barrels of crude oil and liquids. From 2010 through 2019, Enbridge transported 27.3 billion barrels of crude, with a safe delivery record of 99.99976%.

Is ENB a good investment?

Our calculations showed that Enbridge Inc (NYSE:ENB) isn‘t ranked among the 30 most popular stocks among hedge funds. The top 10 stocks among hedge funds returned 231.2% between 2015 and 2020, and outperformed the S&P 500 Index ETFs by more than 126 percentage points. We know it sounds unbelievable.

What dividend does Enbridge pay?

Enbridge has paid dividends for over 66 years to its shareholders. In December 2020, we announced a 3% increase to our dividend per share, increasing the quarterly dividend to $0.835. This translates into $3.34 dividend per share on an annualized basis for 2021.

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What is ENB annual dividend?

Enbridge (TSE:ENB) Dividend Information

Enbridge pays an annual dividend of C$3.27 per share, with a dividend yield of 6.76%.

What stock paid the highest dividend?

Here’s a look at the seven highest dividend-paying stocks in the S&P 500, in ascending order, ranked by dividend yield.

  • Iron Mountain (ticker: IRM) …
  • Kinder Morgan (KMI) …
  • AT&T (T) …
  • Williams Cos. ( …
  • Altria Group (MO) …
  • Oneok (OKE) …
  • Lumen Technologies (LUMN)

Is ENB a buy or sell?

Enbridge(ENB-T) Frequently Asked Questions

7 analysts recommended to SELL the stock. The latest stock analyst recommendation is DON’T BUY. Read the latest stock experts’ ratings for Enbridge.

Why is Enbridge stock so low?

Shares of Enbridge (NYSE:ENB) have declined by about 15% over the past year. While 2020 was a rough one for the energy market, the Canadian energy infrastructure giant’s financial results held up remarkably well as it expected to achieve its original cash flow forecast, so its stock trades at a much lower valuation.

Is Enbridge a good long term investment?

The Takeaway

With its more than 40 diverse cash flow streams, a contractual framework, visibility over cash flows, and improving energy outlook, one can find Enbridge stock a solid long-term bet in the energy sector.

Is Suncor a good buy?

Suncor operations

At the current oil price, Suncor holds the potential to generate strong margins and profits. The Q1 2021 results gave investors a good indication of how big an impact the jump in oil prices has on cash flow. … Suncor is using the excess free cash flow to reduce debt and buy back stock this year.

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