Question: Does Nifty BeES give dividend?

Nippon India ETF Nifty BeES has not declared any dividend for the last several years. As per the Profit & Loss account.

Does Nifty BeES give bonus?

Reliance ETF Nifty BeEs has not announced any bonus so far.

Is it good to invest in Nifty BeES?

Nifty BeES is Economical: Nifty BeES is a no load scheme. The annual expense ratio including management fees is a maximum of 0.80% of the Daily Average Net Assets, which is one of the lowest for any mutual fund scheme in India. The costs reduce further to 0.65%, for assets over Rs. 500 crore.

What happens to dividend in Nifty BeES?

The fund is managed by the fund house since its an ETF of the index nifty they will be holding nifty 50 stocks correspondingly as any other index mutual fund. So when the companies declare dividend the fund house receives it and they declare their dividend accordingly to clients holding the ETF.

Does Bank BeES pay dividend?

Dividend Policy of the Nippon India ETF Bank BeES

The dividends will be paid to the unitholders whose names appear on the Register of Unitholders on the date of record as per the scheme. The unitholders will receive the declared dividends within 30 days from the date of declaration of the dividend.

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Do Indian ETF pay dividends?

In India per se, there are very few ETFs that have a history of paying dividends and the ones that do, the mechanics are pretty similar to the way a dividend is distributed in the case of a stock.

How safe is Niftybees?

Absolutely safe! NIFTY BEES and Bank BEES are ETFs replicating there respective Index that is NIFTY50 and Bank NIFTY. That means the risk in these funds is equal to NIFTY 50 and Bank NIFTY.

Is Nifty 50 a good investment?

The Nifty Next 50 has delivered on average, 3-year return of 16.6 per cent (vs 12.0 per cent for Nifty 50), 5-year return of 17.6 per cent (vs 12.0 per cent for Nifty 50) and 7-year return of 19.3 per cent (vs 12.6 per cent for Nifty 50) over this period. Average returns can mask instances of under-performance.

Can we trade in Nifty BeES intraday?

You should understand that Nifty BeEs is nothing but an exchange traded you can treat it like a share and also trade it like a share and can take advantage of the intraday volatality if you are an active stock investor.

Can I short Nifty BeES?

Limitations: No leverage: One should have adequate funds in his/her account to keep the delivery of the units of Nifty BeES. No Short Position: One cannot carry forward his/her short position like Nifty Futures. Hence should have the delivery before selling it in the market.

What is CAGR of Nifty BeES?

NAV as on July 30, 2021: `169.6973

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Performance of Nippon India ETF Nifty BeES as on 30/07/2021
Particulars 1 Year CAGR % 5 Year CAGR %
Nippon India ETF Nifty BeES 44.18 14.00
B: Nifty 50 TRI​ 44.30 14.18
AB:S&P BSE Sensex TRI 41.55 14.73

Which is best ETF in India?

Top & Best Index ETFS 2021

Fund Name 1M Return(%) 3M Return(%)
HDFC Sensex ETF 1.13 12.9
SBI – ETF Sensex -6.16 5.84
Edelweiss ETF – NQ30 9.16 24.77
UTI Sensex Exchange Traded Fund -1.44 10.04
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