Quick Answer: How do I invest in Clorox stock?

Can you buy stock in Clorox?

The Clorox Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP) is a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan that provides a simple and economical method for investors to make an initial investment in shares of The Clorox Company common stock or to increase their existing holdings of Clorox common stock.

Is Clorox good stock to buy?

It shows a score of around 88/100. Therefore, Clorox Co. is considered to be a good company to invest in, since 70 is the lowest good company score. CLX has high scores for 10 Year Price Per Share, ROE, Earnings per share, Ability to Recover from a Market Crash or Downturn, ROIC, and Gross Margin Percent.

Why is Clorox stock down?

Clorox’s sales declined 9% year over year during its fourth quarter, which runs through June 30. Management cited two reasons for the sales decline: lower shipments from peak pandemic levels and a rapid decline in its health and wellness segment sales. The second bit is what investors feared the most.

What stocks are up today?


Company Price % Change
NUE Nucor Corp 122.72 +3.91%
MHK Mohawk Industries Inc 208.51 +3.71%
PHM Pultegroup Inc 55.37 +3.61%
LUMN Lumen Technologies Inc 12.40 +3.59%

Is Clorox a safe stock?

Clorox is one of many stocks with long and rich dividend histories. The company has paid annual dividends since 1970. And has increased the dividend rate each year since 1978. … Furthermore, the company’s dividend appears very safe and set to grow into the future.

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How much does Lysol stock cost?

Key Data Points

Market Cap: $21B
Current Price: $164.84
Day’s Range: $163.17 – $165.85
52wk Range: $159.32 – $231.89
Volume: 1,124,150

What type of stock is Clorox?

Key Data

Label Value
Exchange NYSE
Sector Consumer Durables
Industry Specialty Chemicals
1 Year Target $191.00

Is Clorox the same as bleach?

Bleach is a chemical product that is used in nearly all households around the world. … Clorox is a company based in California that makes many chemical products, but it is most famous for Clorox, which the name is given by the company for its bleach sold in the market.

What percentage of bleach is in Clorox?

According to the Clorox website, the company’s regular bleach, absent the sudsing agent, has a sodium hypochlorite concentration between 5% and 6.5%.

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