Who are the shareholders of clicks?

Major fund managers managing 3% or more 2019 Percentage of shares 2018 Percentage of shares
BlackRock (US and UK) 4.1% 4.1%
The Vanguard Group (US) 3.8% 3.6%
GIC Asset Management (Singapore) 3.5% 3.3%
T Rowe Price (UK and US) 3.3% 1.8%

Is clicks a private or public company?

in 1995 and is spun off as independent and public; company acquires CD Wherehouse store in Johannesburg. 2002: Clicks acquires United Pharmaceuticals Distributors, adding wholesale distribution operations.

How do I buy shares in Clicks pharmacy?

Here are the steps you must follow to Buy / Purchase Clicks Group shares with utmost confidence:

  1. Start by Filling in the BUY THIS SHARE form.
  2. Insert your name, email, telephone number and monthly remuneration.
  3. Then, Indicate the amount you are looking to invest in Clicks Group.
  4. Click the “ INVEST NOW” button.

Who is the major shareholder of clicks?

At 31 August 2018

Major fund managers managing 3% or more 2018 Percentage of shares 2017 Percentage of shares
Public Investment Corporation (SA) 13.3% 14.2%
Fidelity Management & Research (US) 6.5% 5.2%
Baillie Gifford & Co (UK) 5.2% 5.5%
BlackRock (US and UK) 4.1% 1.7%

How do I get a clicks learnership?

Successfully complete the Learnership Training Contracts at a registered Clicks Pharmacy and under an approved tutor. Attend the required training interventions and successfully complete the competency assessments. Submit a Portfolio of Evidence.

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