Are in app purchases available for family sharing?

You can share content that you purchase from Apple including music, movies, tv shows, apps, and books. You can also share your Apple subscriptions including Apple One.

How do I allow in-app purchases for family sharing?

Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to turn on purchase sharing

  1. If you haven’t set up Family Sharing yet, set up Family Sharing.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Tap your name, then tap Family Sharing.
  4. Tap Purchase Sharing.
  5. Tap Continue and follow the onscreen instructions.

Can Apple family see in-app purchases?

For a family member to be able to access it, they’ll have to go to the App Store, click on their account button in the upper right corner, go to Purchased, and then select the family member that purchased the unlock. They’ll then have to download the app from that screen.

Do in-app purchases work with family library?

No. This is due to restrictions put in place by Google – core apps can be shared but in-app purchases cannot.

Why am I not getting my child’s app requests?

You can’t ask permission, because you have signed in with iCloud and iTunes accounts that are not associated with each other.” When you see this message, check which Apple ID you’re signed in with, check your Family Sharing settings, and make sure that you’re on a supported device.

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Why is Apple Family Sharing not working?

Check your settings to make sure that you’re signed in everywhere with the same Apple ID, including Family Sharing and purchase sharing. Then ask your family members to check their settings too.

Can Family Sharing see my texts?

Question: Q: Can other family members see my text messages? Answer: A: Answer: A: Family Sharing does not share messages, contacts, or other private info.

Can Family Sharing See my free apps?

You have to first switch on Family Sharing by inviting each member of your family to the system. Once you have, though, they can see every app you’ve ever bought.

How do I find family purchases on Iphone?

From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, choose Account > Family Purchases. Select a family member’s name to view their content. Download or play the items that you want.

How do I know if an app is family library compatible?

If you purchased the app or game before July 2, 2016, it’s eligible for Family Library if the developer has made past purchases available. You can find out whether this is the case by tapping Read More on the app’s details page.

Which apps are eligible for family Library?

Any apps or games purchased after 2 July 2016 are eligible to be added to Family Library. If you purchased the app or game before 2 July 2016, it’s eligible for Family Library if the developer has made past purchases available.

Can you share in-app purchases with Family Sharing Android?

It’s pretty easy to start supporting Family Sharing for in-app purchases. Simply go into App Store Connect, find the product you’d like to make Family Shareable (or create one), and turn on Family Sharing. It’s enabled on a per-product basis.

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