How many shares Bill Gates own in Microsoft?

Mr. Gates has sold off or donated most of his stake in Microsoft Corp. , the software company he co-founded and ran for decades. He held a 1.3% stake, worth about $25.4 billion at Wednesday’s close, as of October 2019, about five months before he stepped down from the Microsoft board.

Does Microsoft still own part of Apple?

In August of 1997 Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple in exchange for non-voting preferred stock. … By 2003 Microsoft had divested itself of all Apple shares. So today, not only does Microsoft not own a large share of Apple, they don’t even own 1 share.

Is Bill Gates owner of Apple?

The Gates’ trust owned 1 million Apple shares at the end of 2020, but by March 31, it had sold them. Apple stock has been underperforming the market.

How is Bill Gates so rich?

“The rest of his fortune is managed through Cascade Investment, which controls stakes in dozens of publicly traded companies including Canadian National Railway, Deere and Ecolab.” Forbes lists net worth as $109.1 billion. Bill Gates property and real estate assets are believed to be worth hundreds of millions.

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