Question: Does BVI allow bearer shares?

bearer shares issued by a BVI company and not placed into custodianship will be “disabled”, meaning that the bearer shares will cease to carry any of the rights and entitlements which it would otherwise carry (i.e. the right to vote or to receive dividends), and any transfer of an interest in such shares shall be void.

How many shareholders can a BVI company have?

the maximum number of shares the company is authorised to issue or that the company is authorised to issue an unlimited number of shares;29 and. the classes of shares and the rights, privileges, etc. attaching to each class if there is to be more than one class of shares. 30.

How do I transfer shares in BVI?

(1) Registered shares are transferred by a written instrument of transfer signed by the transferor and containing the name and address of the transferee. (2) The instrument of transfer shall also be signed by the transferee if registration as a holder of the share imposes a liability to the company on the transferee.

Can ordinary shares be bearer shares?

Register LTD with Ordinary Registered Shares. In a nutshell, bearer shares are a type of freely transferable securities, which only by ownership demonstrate participation in a company. For registered shares, the name of the owner must be entered in the company shareholder’s register.

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Does BVI have a stock exchange?

The British Virgin Islands does not have a stock exchange but since the 1990s, the British Virgin Islands has been a popular jurisdiction for the incorporation of issuers to be listed on international stock exchanges.

Do BVI companies pay tax?

The BVI has no income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax or similar fiscal laws.

How much does it cost to set up a BVI company?

Incorporation costs in Year 1 amount to US$2,920 and annual company costs in Year 2 and thereafter amount to US$1,100.


Different BVI entity types Cost Draft invoice
IBC US$9,320 View invoice PDF
Limited partnership US$10,850 View invoice PDF
Resident company US$17,230 View invoice PDF

Can a BVI company make a gift?

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) currently has no form of income, corporate or capital gains tax, and no estate duty, inheritance tax, wealth tax, gift or withholding tax.

What is the difference between bearer shares and registered shares?

Bearer shares differ from registered shares in that the holder of a bearer share is not designated by name on the share certificate, and is usually not required to furnish proof of rightful ownership. Bearer shares are transferred informally and by delivery, without any changes having to be made to the certificate.

How do you know if a company issue bearer shares?

Thus, it is a “bearer” share. This means that ownership of the share is determined entirely by the physical possession of a piece of paper. The only way of knowing who the owner is, is if they are holding the stock certificate in their hand.

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Mobile bearer shares refer to unregistered securities that are owned by whoever has the physical share documents in their possession. … It’s all about possession of physical share documents. But, as mentioned, mobile bearer shares no longer exist and have been completely eliminated from all offshore jurisdictions.

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