Quick Answer: How can I get my Mero share login and password?

How to Reset Mero Share Password. We can reset your Mero Share password if you send a request with your BOID from the same email which is registered with your Mero Share. Please send email to info@gicl.com.np. Once the password is reset you will receive email from CDS and Clearing Ltd.

How do I find my Mero share username and password?

Login to the Mero Share account

Fill a form for this with your email ID, phone number along with the DPID and Client ID. You need to pay Rs 50 for the charge for Mero shares per annum. If every process followed and the CRN number is right, you will get Mero share account username and password in your email.

How do I get a Mero share account?

How to Open Mero Share Account?

  1. Step 1: Create a DEMAT account. Now, there are two ways to create a DEMAT account depending on the bank or office. …
  2. Step 2: Get your CRN Number. …
  3. Step 3: Get Username and Password for Meroshare login. …
  4. Step 4: Log in to Mero Share.
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How do I reset my Meroshare password?

How to Change/Reset Mero Share Transaction PIN?

  1. Open Mero Share portal, Click here.
  2. Click on the Mero Share Profile at the top right corner.
  3. Select Change Transaction PIN tab.
  4. Enter your Mero Share Password.
  5. Enter your New Transaction PIN.
  6. Then Confirm Transaction PIN that you entered.
  7. Click Change Transaction PIN button.

What is CRN number in share?

CRN number is the special number that is needed to be eligible to apply for shares online. It is generally provided by a bank or broker company to its client after opening a DEMAT Account. However, you can get your it online in case you have forgotten it.

What is client ID in Mero share?

Here 13011200 is DP Id for Global Capital(all Depository Participant have their own unique DP ID)and 98765432 is your Client ID. So whenever your broker/capital asks for your Client ID you can simply give the last 8 digits.

How can I login my demat account?

How to access demat account statement

  1. Log onto the CDSL website at cdslindia.com.
  2. Under the ‘Quick Links’ tab on the homepage, select ‘Login’ and login to – CAS.
  3. Proceed to enter your PAN number.
  4. Proceed to enter your Demat Account Number.
  5. Enter other requested data such as date of birth and complete captcha requirements.

How can I check my shares in demat account?

How to access Demat Account Statement/CAS on CDSL

  1. Open CDSL Website and Click on CAS Login; alternatively, you can log in from here.
  2. Now, Enter the PAN Card Number.
  3. Enter BO ID and Date of Birth.
  4. Verify the Captcha.
  5. Enter the OTP received on the registered Mobile Number.
  6. Click on Submit.
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How does Mero share works?

All you need to do to use the Mero Share feature is create your email address and the beneficiary number of your demat account. ‘Mero share’ is a software developed by CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC). Mero Share provides the facility to the beneficiary to view the share transaction information in your account online.

What is DP in share market?

What is the Depository and Depository Participant (DP)? A Depository is an organization which holds securities (like shares, debentures, bonds, government securities, mutual fund units, etc.) of investors in the electronic form at the request of the investors through a registered Depository Participant.

How do I change my Mero share details?

Choose your bank account including the branch from the available list of banks available in the Mero Share options. Select the type of your account, type in your account number and click on the “Update Bank Details” tab. Wait for the changes to take place.

What do you mean by transaction pin in Mero share?

CDSC has implemented the use of 4 digit PIN in Mero Share. … At current, OTP is used when submitting a purchase application for primary issue of securities through My Asba in the Mero Share software. To set a 4-digit PIN, the user is required to set a mandatory PIN code when logging in to Mero Share for the first time.

How do I apply for an IPO online?

What is the process to apply for an IPO through ASBA Online?

  1. Click on the link named “IPO Application” under Request on the left side menu.
  2. Select one of the IPOs you want to apply for and mention up to 3 bids.
  3. Enter your depository details.
  4. Place and confirm your Order.
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