What is shared responsibility boundary in cloud computing?

A shared responsibility model is a cloud security framework that dictates the security obligations of a cloud computing provider and its users to ensure accountability.

What does shared responsibility mean give an example?

Shared responsibility: Collaboration between two or more persons or bodies performing the same kind of activity in the creation of the content of an item. The contribution of each may form a separate and instinct part of the item, or the contribution of each may not be separable from that of the other(s). ( AACR2)

What are the components of shared responsibility model?

AWS Shared Responsibility Model for EC2

  • Customer data.
  • Platform, applications, Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Operating system, network and firewall configuration (security groups)
  • Client and server-side encryption.
  • Network traffic protection.

What are examples of shared controls?

Examples of shared controls include: Patch Management – AWS is responsible for patching and fixing flaws within the infrastructure, but customers are responsible for patching their guest OS and applications.

What is the responsibility of the customers to ensure?

To ensure security requirements are met and compliance maintained the customer must have a clear understanding of his/her responsibilities and ensure that these are met appropriately. The security outcome and security benchmarks attainable are dependant on parties, both the customer and AWS, playing their part.

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How do you share your responsibilities in a relationship?

How to Balance Responsibilities in Your Relationship

  1. Be clear about when you need help. …
  2. Allow your partner to do things their way, not yours. …
  3. Don’t try to split everything up evenly. …
  4. Talk about improving your relationship when you aren’t fighting.

How are AWS IAM roles used?

IAM roles allow you to delegate access with defined permissions to trusted entities without having to share long-term access keys. You can use IAM roles to delegate access to IAM users managed within your account, to IAM users under a different AWS account, or to an AWS service such as EC2.

Which aspects of security on AWS are responsibilities of a customer?

As you see, the customer is responsible by: The authentication, authorization, integrity and encryption of the client-side data. The encryption of server-side information via file system or directly into the data storage.

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