What was Zoom’s IPO price?

When did Zoom go public?

Zoom Video first went public via an IPO in April 2019. The stock quickly surged above its $36 IPO price and topped out at $104.49 in mid-2019 before dipping all the way back down to around $60 by the end of the year.

How much was Zoom stock when it first went public?

Research Zoom and its stock

The company’s IPO was in April 2019 at $36 a share.

Is Zoom a buy or sell?

Zoom Video Communications has received a consensus rating of Hold. The company’s average rating score is 2.38, and is based on 12 buy ratings, 12 hold ratings, and 2 sell ratings.

Is ZM stock a buy?

After a tough start to 2021, software growth stocks have rebounded. … For technical reasons, ZM stock as of Aug. 2 is not a buy, as investors mull the acquisition of Five9.

How much money is Zoom making?

Zoom Video Communications

Type of site Public
Revenue $2.7 billion (2021)
Operating income $660 million (2021)
Net income $672 million (2021)
Total assets $5.3 billion (2021)

The coronavirus crisis has accelerated Zoom’s growth because of the sudden growth in the need for group video chat. It’s much easier to use than Hangouts or Skype or most other messenger systems because it doesn’t need a login and runs in a browser.

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When did Zoom become profitable?

While Zoom did not make any profit in 2017 and lost money in 2018, the company recorded profits in 2019 & 2020. Please note that the years mentioned in Zoom’s financials below end on January 31st.

Can zoom reach $1000?

How many participants can join the meeting? All plans allow up to 100 participants by default in each meeting (up to 1,000 with Large Meeting add-on). … Zoom offers a full-featured Basic Plan for free with unlimited meetings.

Will zoom stock ever go back up?

Expert prediction for Zoom stock price

In spite of the rapidly growing competition, Zoom still holds significant growth potential for 2021. As we’ve noted, the company is busy investing in new products, and many of the people now working from home will never go back to the office at all.

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