Your question: When can a share certificate be issued to subscribers?

How do I get a share certificate?

Details Mentioned in Share Certificate

  1. The share certificate should be issued in Form SH-1 or any document that resembles Form SH-1.
  2. Name of the Company.
  3. CIN Number of the Company.
  4. Registered Office of the Company.
  5. Name of the owners of the shares.
  6. Folio number of the member.

What is the importance of share certificate?

Share certificate serves as an important document for shareholders to prove ownership in a company. Share certificate must be issued by a company after incorporation to its shareholders on receipt of money for capital.

How do share certificates work?

Share certificates are issued for a fixed period of time, generally between three months and five years. The interest rate or dividends tend to be slightly higher than other forms of savings. The longer the term of the share certificate, the higher the dividend.

Can you sign a share certificate electronically?

When signing a share certificate, you and your witness simply use a system-generated electronic signature. The platform completes the remaining information on your behalf, using data from your shareholder register. … Either party can also download the share certificate, should they wish to save a copy elsewhere.

Do you need share certificates to sell shares?

You will need to be in possession of your share certificate(s) if you want to transfer or sell your shares. If your share certificate becomes lost or stolen, you will need to obtain a replacement by completing a Letter of Indemnity Form.

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Can share certificate be issued without receipt of money?

As per Section 56 (4) (a) the Companies Act, 2013, a Company shall issue Share Certificates to the subscribers of Memorandum within 2 months from the date of Incorporation. … So, share certificates can be issued only after the receipt of money.

What is the maximum share application money?

Provided that the maximum tradeable lot in any case shall not exceed 100 shares. The minimum application moneys to be paid by an applicant along with the application money shall not be less than 25% of the issue price.

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